Jerusalem, Western Wall, Israel

The Western Wall in Jerusalem, shown on this postcard during a festival, is one of the holiest places for both Jews and Muslims. For the Jews this limestone wall, which is actually part of the bigger, ancient retaining wall, is holy because its direct connection to the Temple Mount. The Muslims revere this place because the Prophet Mohamad tied his horse to this wall before ascending to paradise.
The Western Wall was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List as Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls in 1981
This wonderful postcard was sent by Nastya as an official Postcrossing Postcard.

Japanese Currency

Interesting postcard showing the coins and banknotes of the Japanese currency. The 2000 yen banknote is rare as it is not used all that often.
The postcard was sent by Masako Kamegi for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag. Thank you very much Masako !!!

Fraser Island, Australia (UNESCO)

After a long time, here is another Australia Postcard. This one showing views of UNESCO Site Fraser Island, an island on the South Eastern coast of Queensland. It was formerly the home of the Butchulla tribe and counts as the largest sand island in the world.
This beautiful card with an even better stamp was sent by Cathy Ryan.

Holy Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv, Ukraine (UNESCO)

Don't you just have to love those colours?  Well I do !!! A great postcard sent by Galina for a Postcrossing UNESCO Round Robin. The Holy Sophia Cathedral was inscribed into the UNESCO list in 1990, becoming the first Ukrainian World Heritage Site.
The name does not derive from Saint Sophia, but is rather connected to the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul), both their names meaning that the cathedral/mosque is dedicated to the Holy Wisdom.
What I also love about this postcard is the wonderful rubber stamp. You don't see them all that often anymore.
Thank you a lot, Galina !!!

Bamberg - Edition Tausendschön, Germany

My newest passion - Postcards of the Edition Tausendschön. For some they may look kitschy or trashy. I thought so, too when I first saw them. But at some time I fell in love with these nostalgic, sparkly (YES they have glitter !!!!) postcards, and thought I'd start a collection :)
This one was sent by Birgit for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Hanseatic City of Lübeck with Holstentor, Germany (UNESCO)

Wonderful winter view of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, with a brightly lit Holstentor right in the centre. The city has one of the major ports of Germany and the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inscribed in 1987.
The card was sent by Ina for the Postcrossing "I'm offering" Tag. Thank you very much Ina !!!


The Hobbit - Bard the Bowman

What a treasure for my LOTR collection. It arrived in my mailbox as an official Postcrossing postcard from New Zealand, sent by Korinna. I LOVE it !!!!

Russian UNESCO Sites

An official Postcrossing card that really made me happy. Julia picked it from my Flickr Favourites. It shows the Russian UNESCO sites, perfect for my UNESCO collection.
Thanks a lot Julia !!!

Arkansas Mapcard, USA

A beautiful new mapcard of Arkansas for my collection sent by Brenda (KittyCatBee). Arkansas is the 25th state in the US. State capital and largest city of the state is Little Rock.
Thank you Brenda !!!

Olympia, Greece - Lighting the Olympic Flame (UNESCO)

Based on the ancient tradition of the Olympic Games, where a sacred fire was kept running throughout the celebrations on the altar of goddess Hestia, the Olympic Flame is lit in the archeological site of Olympia. The flame is kindled by the rays of the sun in a parabolic mirror,  several months before the Olympic Games in the temple of Hera by 11 woman dressed all in white, representing the Vestal Virgins.
I sent this card home from our cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean for my collection.


Penmon Lighthouse (Trwyn do Lighthouse), Wales, United Kingdom

Beautiful view of Penmon Lighthouse with Puffin Island in the background.  It is located in the very East of Anglesey in northern Wales. The first lighthouse in this spot was erected in 1838.
The postcard came here as an official one through Postcrossing (GB-758523) sent by Carol.

Gibraltar and its sights

This great card arrived here from Jane Thomas who sent it from her cruise. It shows the various Must Sees of Gibraltar and their location. Gibraltar is a Brithish overseas territory located on the on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.

Dolomites, Italy (UNESCO)

This beautiful postcard with a really nice stamp I received from Barbara and Elmar Knieps. The card shows various images of UNESCO  World Heritage Site Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy. There are 18 peaks, some of them rising above 3,000 meters height and the landscape is really spectacular. The Dolomites were inscribed in 2009


Grenada, Mapcard

This colourful card showing typical things including a map of the wonderful Caribbean island Grenada. I sent this home from our Caribbean cruise.

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

This great card showing Castle Neuschwanstein was sent to me by my friends Heike and Marcus Klein.
The castle is located on a rugged hill near Füssen in Bavaria. It was built in the late 19th century by Bavarian King Ludwig II as a retreat and hommage to composer Richard Wagner. The king paid for the construction out of his own funds instead of using money coming from taxes. He had to borrow quite a sum of money to finish the castle.
It is one of the main tourist sites in Germany.


Saint-Cast, France

My parents sent this beautiful areal view of Saint-Cast at the Cote d'Armor in Brittany, France.

Mastue Castle, Japan

Matsue Castle is one of the very few medieval castles in Japan that still remains in its original wooden form. Other than Matsue Castle there are only 11 more left in Japan. Construction happened in the early 17th century.
I recieved this great card from Michiko Okishita.


Quedlinburg, Germany (UNESCO)

This card I sent to Mrs. Anne Loeffler from our trip to the beautiful area around Quedlinburg. Mrs. Loeffler then kindly returned it to me so I could add it to my collection :)
Quedlinburg is located just north of the Harz Mountains, in Saxony-Anhalt and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1994.
The place was first mentioned in the 9th century. The old town is so beautiful, with uncountable historic houses and buildings. A real jewel !!!

Hilton Head Island, Harbour Town Light, South Carolina, USA

Beautiful view of Hilton Head Island with the Harbour Town Lighthouse in the back. I received this card from Michael (darkesperu) for a Postcrossing Round Robin. The lighthouse was privately built and is open for the public. It is a tourist  attraction and a nice location for weddings.


9th Rose Wedding Ceremony, Shanghai, China

This interesting postcard arrived here for a Postcrossing Round Robin and was sent by Jia. I had never heard of such a ceremony, so I took a look. Obviously it takes place each year on the 5th of October and attracts quite a lot of young couples to tie the knot during that ceremony. This card depicts some of the happy couples during the 9th Rose Wedding Ceremony in 2006.